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Welcome to the world of Alexander Garland. It has been a long time coming to offer all of the talents, contributions and know-how about this majestic being and NOW the wait it over! We are so proud to launch his official website and give you the opportunity to explore this multi-faceted Artist and his innovative works. May the journey begin…


Mr. Garland’s Wonderland

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Highlights of a Fierce Man-cub

The Experience

“Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” -Reinhold Niebuhr


It can be challenging to look back on our past and see it in a different light. At times all we can see is the adversity in our life. At others, we’re able to see how rare, fulfilling and extremely precious the moments of connection that fill the spaces in between that adversity fertilize a garden of resilient foliage that we never thought would survive in such a hostile climate. We don’t always know what our future holds. What we can be sure of is who we choose to be whenever we are faced with a new obstacle or hardship. A big part of that being-ness is forgiving ourselves for past infractions which can be the most challenging of all. Alexander learned at an early age that communication is an art form. Though it is not easy at times, it’s a simple way to navigate  life and it’s pitfalls; one breath at a time. 


Identifying with pronouns We/Us/Our, there are many attributes that stand out about this vibrant soul. Some of the most compelling are our piercing heart that is pervasive in everything we touches, our bold expression in the world and our innovative mind. Some of our theater credits include: Young Simba in the first national tour of The Lion King, Parade, American Idiot, The Witch in Fortunate Son: A Faust Myth, The Denver Project by Universes Theater Company, 3-time Stage Raw Award winning Paradise Lost: Reclaiming Destiny w/ Not Man Apart Theater Ensemble. Mr. Garland has shared the stage and worked with many artists through our work with Flash Mob America as a producer and professional dancer. Some of the artists of note are Lin-Manuel Miranda, Kristin Chenoweth and Janet Jackson including Television Credits with Kimora Lee Simmons: Life in the Fab Lane, ABC’s Modern Family, and FOX’s Mobbed. One of our most memorable experiences was working with the one and only Prince on one of his final music videos “Breakfast Can Wait” as a model and Producer’s Asst. Alexander is is also producer and production designer of multi-award winning short film “22 Years”, and additionally makes a cameo in the film. Currently holds titles as Producing Director of Community Outreach at Coin & Ghost Theater Company and Director of Marketing for B. Dunn Movement Dance and Theater Company.



There are times in life that we realize we are the way we are because we cannot be anyway else. It’s woven into the fabric of our being. Alexander has come to accept and lean into this truth as an artist. Our artistry is not only commentary on the world through our eyes, informed by our personal navigation of trauma; it is colored by a resounding curiosity for understanding the human psyche and rebuilding the lost connection between us and connection itself. Some of the critics on our work have been remarked as profound, electrifying, chilling and stirring. 

Birth Support

Our philosophy on birth and pregnancy is layered yet simple. Our women are holding our future generations to inherit the earth we leave behind, so why wouldn’t we want our future incarnations to have the best start in the womb that we can possibly offer? That is where the idea vs. the implementation of worth and honor come into play for ourselves as a whole. Whole mind, body, soul and species. We believe bringing a resort quality to pregnancy, labor and the post-partum experience will #1) instill a new level of self worth for the whole family unit that will be unmistakeable going forward, #2) the way we interact with ourselves will engage us in a new way that we interact with one another on a global scale and #3) with our family being first community we are born into, we will birth a new perspective on how we view community, resulting in our relations to/with each other being more fulfilling and less toxic on a micro/macro level.

What’s to come

A short list of my accomplishments in the works.

  • A public Captains Log of the inter-workings of his minded whats happening in that head of his

  • Video revamps of old performances in his show history

  • clothing line launch

  • A regular gathering of brown people for brown people to vent their stresses and create a

  • Stand up comedy

  • New product launch

  • A new birth model

  • Tour dates

  • Original creations

  • And so much more before the end of 2018!



& Privates

We are in the process of expanding this website and while the landing pages for all services are in process, we created this page to give a brief scope of the talents & services currently offered. Please feel free to contact us for bookings.











We would not be who we are today without the partnership of others. Below is a growing list of partnerships/organizations that we have the pleasure of championing. We align with the bold leadership and artistic stamp the companies below put out into the world. Click on the brand logo to further explore each entities expression.


B. Dunn Movement

Dance and Theater Company


Coin & Ghost Theater Company

Sundeep Morrison’s

Rag Head


Fabe Dance Company


Stu’s Designer Eyewear

Flash Mob America

Dawn Noel

Place of Peace Cancer Foundation

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